The United States Of Pollution
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Pollution, Climate Change and Greta Thunberg

There’s a global climate change protest going on among school children lead by their Antifa supporting prophet, Greta Thunberg.

The United States Of Pollution

If you don’t remember she’s the kid who thought that sailing the Atlantic in a carbon fiber and non recyclable sail boat was a good idea. This idea also required a team of four people to fly across the Atlantic to get her ‘bad-for-the-environment’ 60 foot yacht. To sum it up: she caused more pollution in her one political stunt than most of us do in a year. After this stunt, she flew to the UK to preach about bad people polluting.

Hypocrite much? Why didn’t she teleconference? Why didn’t she use technology in other ways?

But enough about her hypocritical ways, I suppose.

“I think you have an enormous responsibility” to lead climate efforts, she adds. “You have a moral responsibility to do that.”

We have the moral responsibility? Really?

“You are such a big country,” she says. “In Sweden, when we demand politicians to do something, they say, ‘It doesn’t matter what we do — because just look at the U.S.'”

10 Highest Countries With Pollution-Related Death Tolls

Oh, so because your country doesn’t have the balls to lead, we have to? Guess what? We (the U.S.) don’t lead the world in pollution. We’re not even in the top five.

Rather than harass the United States or sue countries not even on that list, focus on the countries who are really harming the Earth.

Oh but plastic!! (Which a huge f you to Mad Mex for switching to those f*cking paper straws. You ruined my drink the other day.)

Countries Polluting The Oceans The Most

Hmmm, nope. We’re not even guilty of being the main reason for that.

Greta Thunberg and Antifa

That’s not what’s really bad about this kid.

Nope, I can deal with her holier than thou mentality. Maybe even her hypocrisy. What I can’t deal with is that she helps fund Antifa.

Greta Thunberg And Antifa

The Swedish climate oracle, Greta Thunberg, has recorded a song together with the band The 1975. In a tweet she promises that all revenue from the recording will go to the extreme-left environmental organisation, Extinction Rebellion.

In April, the fundamentalist environmentalists caused trouble on the streets of London. Moreover, its Swedish Antifa-supporting key person was sentenced to four years in prison for the Gothenburg riots in 2001.

Voices of Europe

That shirt the little climate darling is wearing says “Antifascist All Stars”.

Oh yeah?

Is everyone ignoring her anarchical undertones because she’s a 16-year-old kid? Is the world going to ignore the fact she’s expecting everyone, except the actual problem makers, to bend to her will while she supports a group who wants to see all of the world government’s fail?

Hard pass from us here at Offensively Patriotic.

My husband and I have a few spawn of our own that are a few years younger than this crotch fruit. Even they understand the importance of government and not having them dictate every aspect of our lives. They understand that the United States is not responsible for the rest of the world.

We will not support someone who pushes for a group who wants anarchy. We will not support someone who lectures the countries who do not lead the world in pollution.

Greta’s Speech

This annoying child took stage at a UN meeting insulting everyone in the world. We apparently stole her childhood and forced her to speak? Not her parents or her handlers. Nope, the adults of the world.

How dare us.

You can watch her staged theatrics here.

That’s a bit much. A bit too much outrage and emotion. Take a breath, Greta. Nobody stole your childhood, except for you, your parents and your handlers.

You should be at home having fun and learning in school. So, go back. Please. You’re being manipulated to manipulate others. A chain manipulation, if you will.

Do you have something to say about this crazy activist or climate change in general? Let us know in the comments below or in the forums.

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