Rat And Crime Infested
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Trump’s Tweets
Rat And Crime Infested

We’ve all heard about these tweets from President Trump this week. After he tweeted Dems were frothing at the mouth screaming RACIST!!!!

What exactly did he say that was racist? Because he called out rats? Or crime?

Of course these Dems are saying President Trump is racists because he called out the rat infestation (he’s not wrong) and the high crime (again….he’s not wrong).

Rat and Crime Infested

The rat problem is such a huge issue that there is a documentary about it produced by PBS.

A mayor commented on how smelly the rats in her own city are!

Bernie Sanders went on CNN and called out Trump about saying a US city was infested with rats.

Hmmm, Bernie Bernie Bernie. I think I remember seeing a clip of you doing the exact same thing. In fact worse. Calling it a third world country.

As for the crime. Hmmm…let’s see. New York and Chicago are actually in a decline for the first time in a long time. Baltimore? Nope.

By the end of June more than 150 people were killed. This is a 17% increase in homicide during the same time last year. 500 people were shot which is an increase of 25% from last year.

These increases will see Baltimore more dangerous per capita than Chicago and New York which have a much higher population.

New York has had a decline of 13.5% in homicides and Chicago is in a decline of 7%.

Not Baltimore. Oh no, they’re increasing.

Elijah Cummings is screaming that things are fine. There’s no rat problem. Well, there is. There has been for a very long time.

They’re even on the pastries!

The Truth is Racist

So, DemocRATS, if we’re going to sit back and scream that President Trump is a racist….I think you need to take a good, hard, long look in the mirror. Realize that YOU SAID THE SAME THING! THERE IS A PROBLEM. THERE ARE RATS ON THE PASTRIES!

In closing, yes Baltimore is rat and crime infested. Stop focusing on hating President Trump and start focusing on fixing your cities and districts. Your constituents, your voters, are depending on you.

Thank you for reading. Please tell us below or in the forums if you think the President is racist or if he’s right on the mark about Baltimore.

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