Meme: Send Her Back


This meme basically explains the biggest issue with the Democrat party today. The Dems are very hypocritical and at the same time, they like to over exaggerate something or even lie about what the Republicans say in order to make it worse than things they say themselves.

These two issues with that party equate to the two biggest reasons for the mass exodus of those leaving the party.


One quote is racist and the other isn’t. I’ll give you a hint: the quote actually stating the race, is racist….

That racist quote on the left is brought to you by Ayanna Pressley and the one on the right is from the Trump supporters at one of his events. Trump originally stepped away from the “send her back” chants and said he basically didn’t agree with it. Later, he seemed to accept it since the “Squad” still continued to attack him as if he said it.

I say, stop trying to step away from things like this. Embrace it. It isn’t racist and it isn’t wrong to tell those who don’t want to be here to leave. Especially those who are the actual racists.

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