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Staging Photos and Protesting New Beds for Kids 1
Staging Photos and Protesting New Beds for Kids 2
Staging Photos and Protesting New Beds for Kids 3


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Staging Photos and Protesting New Beds for Kids

Staging Photos and Protesting New Beds for Kids
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AOC is Faking Her Pain in Protest

If you’ve been on Twitter recently you probably have seen these photo’s floating around.

Well, guess what? How would you feel if you knew those were staged in protest?

AOC Staged Protest
Image from The Photos Where AOC Is Crying For The Detained Children Are Fake (Photo Proof)

Oh, well, well, well what do we have here? AOC is faking her pain and anguish? What children is she crying over at this parking lot? The DHS Police? Or the police cruisers?

No, she’s not in anguish over children. In fact, she’s doing everything she can to block the aid that IS being sent to children.

So she didn’t start this, but man is she backing it. Wayfair received a $200,000 order for beds to give to the children who are in the detention centers on the border. These were supposed to be beds to make them more comfortable.

“We’re walking out in protest of our leadership’s decision to sell to reprehensible concentration camps,” an employee who was organizing the walkout told the Washington Post on Tuesday. “We had hoped that raising awareness would be enough for them to do the right thing, but it wasn’t. We want to make it clear that this is not a political issue — it’s a humanitarian issue, and we will not back down.”

What concentration camps? They aren’t concentration camps. If the detention centers were in fact concentration camps there wouldn’t be a $200,000 order out for beds. They would be shipping people off to the gas chamber. You know, like what actually happened at concentration camps.

Think of the Children

Something that all of these heart felt globalists with an agenda aren’t thinking about is how many of those kids were actually with their families?

Former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kristjen Nielsen recently said that 10,000 of 12,000 unaccompanied children were brought across the border by someone other than their biological parents.

That “someone,” according to former Secretary Kristjen, is likely a human trafficker.

Let that sink in. 10k-12k children are not with their biological parents. Who are they with? Neighbors? Friends? Sex traffickers?

If these children are not with their families when they are detained, where exactly does the liberal left what the children to go? Wondering off into a random dessert? Perhaps they want them to be added to our amassed homeless population which is already in the hundreds of thousands. It’s already bad enough that we have American children living in the streets. Now they want to allow illegal immigrant children into the country just to live in the streets, too?

Why would we allow that? How is that any better of a life? It isn’t.

Or are we supposed to allow the non-relatives to keep these children and possibly turn them into slaves? Yes, there are still slaves in the world. See places like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Uzbekistan to name just a few.

The Bigger Picture

I often wonder if these people look beyond their rose tinted glasses. To look at the bigger picture. It’s not about being mean and wanting to separate families or keep people locked up.

These people are coming from third world countries. Vaccinations are not as widely used as they are in the United States. Hence the measles outbreak. Ebola. Tuberculosis. (NOBODY WANTS TB!)

They don’t have jobs lined up, meaning that most of them will probably end up on some form of welfare. The total amount spent on 80-plus federal welfare programs amounts to roughly $1.03 trillion. That’s $1.03 trillion on people already in the country. That includes the current illegals we’re housing and paying for.

My poor paycheck.

These bleeding heart liberals are refusing to package beds. Not make them. They won’t even simply pack and ship beds to the illegal rug rats who are being detained for attempting to cross into a country illegally. Meaning, you know, against the law. Meaning, you know, the kids are criminals.

Time to protest the protesters. Activate against the activists.

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Staging Photos and Protesting New Beds for Kids 5
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