The Mexican Democrat Debates
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First Night of Debates

I’m not sure how many of you watched the Democrat debates last night on June 26th. It wasn’t just hilarious and boring at times. A lot of last night’s debates were infuriating and just plain anti-American. Even anti-middle class voter.

That’s definitely not something you want to be. Do these people not realize why Donald Trump even won? This will only help to get him re-elected.

For some context and to know what I’m talking about if you didn’t watch last night, check out the following video. We were going to make a video ourselves, but then I came across Mark Dice‘s piece on this and there just wasn’t a point. His video sums it up very well.

Mark Dice’s Video

If you don’t know who Mark Dice is, now’s a good time to get to know him. He always has great commentary. Watch for yourself.

Open Borders for Votes

Are they running for Presidente de México? I mean, Jesus Christ. Just tell us how you really feel about America. Not only were politicians like O’Rourke and Booker pandering to Spanish-speakers by speaking it themselves, but then you started getting questions ASKED in Spanish…

I mean, we already knew you wanted illegal immigrants in the United States. We knew you wanted open borders for votes. Yet, now we REALLY know. Just don’t forget that there are a lot more than just Spanish-speaking illegals flowing in. Your pandering won’t help with them.

The Mexican Democrat Debates

How much more of this are middle-class Democrat voters going to take? How many of you are STILL not switching parties, especially after this? Democrats don’t care about you. Elizabeth Warren cares about power and money. Listen to her debate again. She sounds like Stalin with the “this system needs taken apart” routine.

We’ll see how much farther the pandering can go tonight on June 27th, with part two of the first debates.

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