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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is best known for her Green New Deal, her Socialist agenda, but has also been caught up in lies, rants and now? Full-on Fascism.

In a recent town hall, she allowed constituents to ask questions on any topics they like. One such constituent asks her why she implied for the President to be punished for inciting violence. Here’s the clip.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Aoc, Time Cover
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Now, I’m not going to be TOO hard on her for cutting out the mic. Her staff did that, and she did ask to have it turned back on for him. But, at the end of the day, AOC explains that President Donald Trump’s truthful tweets about 9/11 should basically be punishable due to “inciting violence” against Muslims and the “plausible deniability” of the speech is questionable. And, as she even agrees, inciting violence is not free speech, hence making what the president tweeted, a punishable offense. She states multiple times that Donald Trump “should not” be under arrest. On the other hand, she explains that the line between hate speech and inciting violence should move in a way where yes, some of this speech should be punishable. That’s Fascism, friends.

Don’t you just love how people like her can twist things into whatever dream land they want in order to make their ideas work? Inciting violence has to be more of a directive given. You can’t just count anything that someone uses on their own for violence, as inciting violence. It doesn’t work that way. Otherwise, we would all have to remain mute…

It officially irritates me that society is seems unable to speak out about these crazy politicians en masse. We need to speak up together and stand as one. These Socialists, Fascists and “Progressives” are going too far.

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