• Is DuckDuckGo Now DuckDuckWoke?

    Is DuckDuckGo Now DuckDuckWoke?

    DuckDuckGo May Have Adopted Woke Policies if This Job Application is to be Believed If you have switched from using Google or some other Big Tech search engine to DuckDuckGo, maybe think about switching to another search engine like Brave. DDG may very well be woke (among other things) and here’s why. A story coming

  • Instagram Disables Gold Star Mom’s Page

    Instagram Disables Gold Star Mom’s Page

    Gold Star mom, Shana Chappell, has been extremely critical of the utter clusterfuck of a job that the Biden administration did with Afghanistan after her son, Marine Kareem Nikoui, was killed in the bombing at Kabul airport. Chappell was censored on her social media profiles after she made a post lambasting Biden. She shared on


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