Author: AmericanGirl

France Rocked By 4Th Night Of Unrest Following Teen'S Fatal Shooting 1
Is Executive Order 13603 A Threat To Individual Liberties And Constitutional Rights? 2
The Imperative Of Election Integrity: Safeguarding Our Constitutional Republic 3
Stacey Plaskett, Democrat From The Virgin Islands, Says Donald Trump Needs To Be Shot Along With Other Violent Outbursts 4
Former Starbucks Manager, Shannon Phillips, Awarded $25.6 Million In Race Discrimination Lawsuit 5
Highwood Creek Outfitters Gun Store Shockingly Raided By 20 Armed Irs And Atf Agents 6
Chinese Spy Balloon Incident Raises Concerns Over National Security As Biden Contemplates Apologizing To China 7
Pa House Passes Bills Increasing Phone Bill Fees To Support 911, 988 8
Lauren Boebert Introduces Biden'S Third Articles Of Impeachment 9
California Ab957 Would Charge Parents Who Don’t Affirm Transgenderism With ‘Child Abuse’ 10
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